What a basic diet should look like!

The basics of a good diet I wanted to do a blog post on a good basic diet. These days you have a ton of different choices when it comes to your diet. This is a distillation of several programs that I have looked at. This diet can be used to reduce inflammation, regain your […]

Chiropractic Minute: Blood Sugar Causing Sleep Problems

Chiropractic Minute: Blood Sugar Causing Sleep Problems We are going to talk to you about how to fix your blood sugar in order to sleep better at night time. I know that is kind of interesting to a lot of you, that your blood sugar actually has something to do with how you sleep at […]

Surrogate muscle testing

Surrogate muscle testing Surrogate muscle testing is a portion of muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology that pushes the belief system of many people irregardless if they see results from doing it. So, how does that work? Why does it work? Does it really work????? To break the suspense a little… ...

Allergy test that does not require blood work!

Allergies tearing your health apart? The more we learn about allergies and how your immune system reacts to them, the more we understand about the destruction it can do to your body and nervous system. There are many ways to approach allergies. Anywhere from blood tests to just plane old guessing...

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique: Six Essentials – Drink

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique: Six Essentials – Drink The six essentials The six essentials are different areas of your lifestyle that you are either cultivating health or creating disease. The focus of the six essentials is how they either alkalize the body or acidify the body. The six...

EFT Training at DuChene Natural Health Center

EFT Training EFT has the potential of being the most powerful thing you could learn for your health. You can eliminate pain right now. You can have better digestion now. You can feel better now. If you choose. Each person responds differently based upon what they want to achieve and how they were...
chiropractic sleep

Chiropractic position on sleep position

Each Chiropractor that you talk to will have a different reason for telling you what the best position to sleep in is. I developed this line of thinking in Chiropractic College by asking questions and observing why people do what they do. Sleeping position I do not think that there is a perfect s...
EFt training Dallas, EFT class Dallas

EFT does not work for everyone!!! BUT, it can if you….

EFT can work for everyone I have come across many people who have had no or small results doing EFT the way it is taught. I see confusion on what to say, when to say it and the just plane basics of EFT. I want to change this because EFT can work for everyone. It […]