I am almost sure that everyone has had some contact with these new water products talking about how it can change the pH of your body. I wanted to make a couple comments about this.

Now going back to the basics: when we talk about pH inside of the body we are talking about the mineral content after metabolism.

When we look at citrus fruits they have a lot of citric acid before metabolism, but after metabolism they are alkaline ash.

Stomach acid is extremely strong, and it is like that for a reason. We need stomach acid to help digest proteins, as well as provide the environment to digest b12. When we have a lack of acid in the stomach we will get reflux after we eat food.

If you are looking for water to be alkalizing then follow these ideas and you won’t go wrong:
Add a trace mineral supplement to your water, like Cellfood or BEST process trace minerals
Add fresh squeezed organic lemon to your water
Add any mineralized salts, like your gray sea salt, or Himalayan salt

The pH of the water you drink does not make a difference in your alkaline reserve it will only buffer your stomach acid. That is why some people get heartburn after taking alkaline water for several weeks. There is no difference between alkaline water and eating anti-acids, except you get some calcium from the anti-acids.

Do some of the altered water products work?
I am not saying that they don’t work. I have talked with people who have used them and it works great. What I am saying is that the mechanism of the product is not what it is being advertised for.

Live Well
Dr. Joseph