When it comes to food, fruits and vegetables are alkaline. There are some exceptions, for example cranberries is acid at the end of metabolism. But for the most part stick with all fruits and vegetables are alkaline.

Refined products, and animal products are acid ash producing. Refined products are your white flour/sugar and products made from them. Animal products mostly refers to meat, because that is what we consume the most of.

If your diet is mostly meat, animal protein, then you will have an acidic diet.

We can have an acidic lifestyle for only so long before it effects us. at the beginning we usually get basic detoxification type symptoms. This is the “cold” that most people get. To expedite the “cold” type symptoms if you increase alkalizing supplementation this will cut down on the time you experience these symptoms.

It would be ideal to have about an 80% fruit/vegetable and 20% protein diet. This will be about optimum for most people. Remember people are made a little bit different so the values can change slightly from person to person.

Live Well

Dr. Joseph