This is a time of renewal. Some of the people reading this are interested in weight loss. Here is some information that you might want.

Fat loss vs. Weight loss

Weight loss: this is where you lose everything, water, bone, muscle and fat. Not in any particular order. This is done with how you diet and exercise in conjunction with your current health state.

Fat loss: this is where you burn fat, and thats it.

So like i said most people will look for weight loss programs for the new year but for most people they are looking for a fat loss program.

Diet: Some diet changes that you may be tempted with are the high protein low carb diet. This is a good diet as long as you eat your fruits and vegetables. Your body will burn what you give it. But remember high protein diets will make your body more acidic, good for the short term and bad for the long term.

Exercise: Burst training or high intensity interval training is the best way to burn fat. This is where you do 45 sec. to one minute of high intensity exercise. What i mean by high intensity: after 45 sec to a minute you cannot continue, like a sprint. rest period is about an hour after activity, that will provide for full recovery.

Some of the benefits of Burst training
Hormone balancing, increased bmr for 24 hours, help tone adrenal glands, increase vo2 max, increase lactic acid threshold, increase testosterone and HGH after workout.

We have a video on our website as well as some links to the research and equipment that we use for burst training.

Warning: some people use the name burst training as a gimmick name and not actually do what i described above.

Supplementation: There are many things you can do for supplementation. Getting your metabolism checked would be a good first step before buying supplements. There may be some deficits that you have metabolically that are preventing fat loss. So test and know or guess. I would recommend finding someone to work with you on this topic.

Please contact us for additional information about any of these topics, we also do extensive programs for fat loss.

Live Well

Dr. Joseph