I have been hearing more and more about the pH of the body and being alkaline. The more i hear the more i see how many people do not understand what this really means, or how to do it. So we will go over this here.

When we talk about alkalization here we are referring specifically to the mineral content of the body. If you are alkaline then you will have high mineral content. If you are more acidic then you have low mineral content. Sounds pretty basic doesn’t it? It could be.

Many things effect how alkaline we are: diet, exercise, as well as other lifestyle choices. The one factor that is the most important is our mind. There is nothing you can do that will effect your physiology faster that your mind, or have as great an effect as your mind.

So this is an introductory post and we will give small chunks at a time. If any questions or topics you would like for me to expand please contact me and i will try to go there.

Live Well
Dr. Joseph DuChene DC